The Invitation!

It was either the most subtle of the most obvious invitation, that probably depends on how you view it...
Suddenly a wellknown and by you welltravelled road, could be your hallway, the little backallety downtown, a small path deep in the woods, had suddenly turned into a shining road paved with golden bricks, a road seeming to go on forever, its surrounding countryside seeming to fade out until, in the distance, there was only the road...

The road was a lure, and a powerful one, as soon as you sat your foot on it you knew you had to see where it lead, and so you stepped onto the yellow brick road and followed its twists and turns, gradually leaving your own world behind you and after a merry travel you arrived at the doorstep to the glorious imperial Capital of the lands, the mighty imposing... Shelterville?

Hmm... there's something afoot here, and it ain't wearing ruby slippers! Better check this one out... also, because the road behind you seems to have... disappeared... sorry about that!

Who am I? ... well, please don't pay attention to the voice in the back of your consciousness...


Those who answered the invite...

Dawn of a New Era V2 Videowizard2007

Hey Fox! by Gabriel Fox

D.D.S.R. by RazorD9

Do You Like Fear? by Sarokophoenix

Karabear Comics Unlimited Ave Messer

Kaza's Mate, Gwenna by Jay042

... and then there were the ones who missed out ...

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